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With years of experience and a dedicated team of SEO specialists, we are the leaders in North East England. We have established our track record and continue to set new standards for what’s required in the mystical world of SEO

Our goal is to help clients achieve the potential their site deserves and a decisive plan will be designed to meet those expectations.

We are regarded as the best SEO Experts in Stockton on Tees and will push to provide first-class results. For quality SEO in North East England, it’s time to speak to our team and get started towards a high ranking future on all search engines.

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What Do We Do:

We rank sites, PERIOD!  All of our SEO is 100% WhiteHat and done manually, most other sites use programmes to do it for them.  That is how we can focus on attention to detail and getting you ranked!
If you check the following list of keywords we used to rank our site you will see the results speak for themselves with multiple page ones and No1 placings!

Then again in Google Maps:

Google Videos:

We do this by manually building powerful links and citations on numerous local sites and directories.  All links built are done by us and NOT outsourced to cheap agencies done in bulk, this attention to detail is what makes the difference between us and some of our competitors.

After all, if you can’t rank your own SEO agency then how can you trust someone to rank your business!!


TopRatedSearch - SEO Experts in Stockton on Tees

The Services We Offer Are:

  1. SEO, both on-site and off-site
  2. Local SEO, get noticed locally through directories, Google My Business and other powerful citations
  3. Website Design, specialising in WordPress

We provide an in-depth range of services to provide clients with the arsenal to grow and maximize their potential. Ranking has never been easier than it is with our team by your side to help step by step. This is a robust solution for all requirements.


It starts with a meticulous training process for all qualified SEO specialists.

The team is vetted and refined to meet all modern requirements for SEO campaigns. The company prides itself on hiring the best talents in the nation and continue to push forward to meet the highest expectations. All SEO specialists are certified, professional, and trained to push forward.

A robust set of quality control checks is developed and established to help manage this team and help campaigns grow organically. This level of quality ensures a client will see tremendous results as time goes on.


Some Of Our Recent Feedback:

Oscar George

Friendly, professionals that are willing to work hard for results. Topratedsearch is open to discuss and explain how the things work in the way that is easy to understand and follow. Very flexible and aware that there is always a place for improvements by recommending new strategies based on results. Highly recommend!

Oliver Harry

Great to deal with and excellent results. Topratedsearch and the team are exceptionally professional with their communication and they are always great at what they do!

Goshen Trey

Topratedsearch offer great service and advice. We have had excellent results from the work they have done for us with our website and search engine optimisation. Thank you for your help. I highly recommend them to others.


Fast Results

For quality SEO in Stockton on Tees, we understand the importance of time management and meeting deadlines for site owners. If the goal is to rank an established date, the team will work hard to meet this deadline and beat it. The goal is always to achieve the best possible results for all clients.

The team is trained and understands what it takes to rank quickly.

We will continue to strive for these results as the SEO campaign develops and grows. Topratedsearch is well-regarded for being able to set the best times for ranking in comparison to everyone else. If clients want quality, we are the name to trust.


From our point of view, our partners are our most valuable assets. Working together makes us even greater.

Topratedsearch SEO Experts in Stockton-on-Tees


Periodic Reporting

Want to know what’s going on as the campaign is in full flow?

Clients should never be kept out of the loop as it can feel disconcerting and is cumbersome. To ensure this isn’t the case with our company, we have a strict policy to make sure periodic reports are sent out to all clients. These reports are in-depth and provide deep analysis as to what the site started, how it’s being developed, and how well it’s responding to the campaign.

This information can help clients get a better feel for how their site is doing.

Long-Term Growth

What is the goal for clients when it pertains to site development and SEO?

The idea isn’t to rank for a few days and then see your site plummet. Instead, the goal is to rank well and continue to rank after the campaign is in full flow. With our company, a client is going to see their site rush to the top and stay there for months and years to come.

This is a compelling set of techniques used to help bolster one’s site and push it to where it has to go.

SEO has never been simpler than it is with us.




We are particular with all methods and tools employed for helping sites rank.

Nothing is done to penalize a site and push it down a search engine’s rankings. All methods used are in agreement with past and present algorithms ensuring things are done the right way.
What sets us apart is that all of our work is done manually, this ensures that all links built are done properly, legally and ethically.  You will see no black-hat methods implemented, we are a totally transparent white-hat SEO agency

Why take a chance with those who are going to gamble with a client’s site? It’s not worth it.

For more information or a consultation, contact us today. We provide the best local SEO in North East England are ready to assist with your site optimisation as soon as possible.

SEO Experts in Stockton on Tees


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