What Are The Best SEO Companies For Small Businesses?

Are you an entrepreneur at the head of a small business and you have a website on which you want to perform optimisation work for search engines (SEO)?
In this article, you will find some ideas that will help you no longer feel intimidated or frustrated when you implement all these improvements needed to position your website.

As a small business owner, you certainly see huge multinationals and large companies that dominate the search engine world, and it’s not hard to understand why you are in an unfavourable situation. Large companies are known to have budgets of tens of thousands of pounds (or more) to spend on online marketing, full-time staff to oversee the management of their campaigns and more importantly, to be present on the web for years, and have had time to cement their notoriety in their respective niches.
Considering all this, you can think that your company, with its novelty and with a minimum of resources, has no chance to compete in the field of SEO.

But in reality, these small businesses have a number of advantages, compared to larger competitors, in SEO to position a website.

What is the best SEO company for a small business

Positioning a small business website

Niche Targeting

First, as is more often the case for small businesses, it is likely that you are referring to a very specific niche market.

A large company, for example in the world of home maintenance products, could meet the general needs of the country. The classic keywords typed into Google could be “home repair” or “plumbing problems” so you can target a large amount of online traffic, using long tail keywords.

In contrast, a local hardware store might be able to offer several types of services and respond to certain types of problems in a certain city or place, with a goal of positioning words like “armoured replacement locks Leeds” or ” sale electric cables Scotland “. Small businesses need to implement long-term optimised keywords. They will not receive high volumes of traffic, but they will be much more concentrated and, above all, less competitive!

Local SEO

Most small businesses operate locally, by city or region, and can, therefore, benefit from local referencing; the big companies in the country have a clear disadvantage in this case.

Local SEO is based on a separate algorithm, producing relevant results based on user queries. Specifically, Google selects the most relevant local companies for a particular query (depending on the physical location of the user), lists the names and addresses of the companies, displays a link to their website and also the telephone information.

A small company then has a good chance of being placed locally, provided that it has content optimised for the right keywords.  Topratedsearch SEO services in Teesside can help you get results.

General Agility

Large companies have a definite advantage because they have spent time building their reputation on the keywords most important to them and their areas of activity, but sometimes an advantage can also be a weak point. In fact, this situation means they have less manoeuvring flexibility, and less space when it comes to experiments.

A small company, with a recent web-based authority and therefore less important, can have some SEO benefits in time for their positioning strategies, to experiment with new keyword goals or to implement new strategies without risking to disrupt years of SEO optimisation.


When a small company is looking to break into the digital search engine scene, it possesses a degree of innovation that can be exploited; this is especially true if you are a start-up!

When people search on a search engine (for example Google), in most cases they are interested in a specific product. If the search results (SERP) offer them a local company, normally these users are more interested and curious because they are near to them. This tends to bring more interaction to the companies website, and these interactions can indirectly improve your ranking. There is also evidence to suggest that new sites, those newly added to the Google search engine index, will get small temporary improvements in positioning.

Personal power of the mark

With a few exceptions, most large companies do not operate effectively when they are guided by the influence of a personal brand. This happens because most large companies are run by large groups, not by a single, charismatic authority at the top.

The small business is probably managed by a leader – and if you run a business – you will be their leader. This gives you a better ability to develop a personal brand as an extension of your corporate brand, which in turn leads to:

  • more opportunities for published content
  • the increase of confidence in the user
  • the increase in social media activity
  • more generally, a greater presence in all the optimisation of possible activities for the search engines.

Publication of appeal

Finally, small businesses have an advantage when it comes to appealing for publication of content on third-party sites. When a major national brand is trying to get a posting on a website with independent content, the publisher is usually dubious about their intentions.

Large companies often have hidden ulterior motives and agendas, while small businesses are more attractive and reliable by nature. However, small businesses have more ease in getting content published on other sites and thus recovering more backlinks, achieving a key advantage.


SEO is a competitive field, and there are no shortcuts for large companies or for small ones.

Any business, any size, and any niche has a chance to reap the rewards of their efforts if it knows where to focus their efforts.

Knowing the SEO benefits of small businesses or large means that you can customize your own strategy to get the best results in the overall positioning of your website even with a small budget.

If you have a small business or just a relatively new start-up then contact us. We will design an SEO campaign using Topratedsearch’s bespoke tactics and get you ranking in the search engines, pulling in more business and clients. Above all else, giving you the extra revenue to make your company succeed.