Reputation Management


What is Online Reputation Management & How Can it Help my Business?

Reputation management is about ensuring that the potential customers see your business for what it truly is, instead of any damage done by customer reviews etc. By using reputation management it makes your other marketing efforts easier. Instead of playing catch-up to overcome false impressions, you receive more leads generated, website referrals, increased effectiveness of your marketing efforts, and more time to grow your business.

Why should you care about your online reputation?
90% of consumers trust the recommendations of others.

So your company’s online reputation has the power to either build up or destroy your business.

Reputation Management Specialists in Stockton on Tees

Even just one negative comment about your company can have a serious negative impact on your ability to generate new customers. The internet has provided consumers with the ability to voice their opinions from virtually anywhere they want, whenever they want.

If you make just one mistake when dealing with a customer it can really come back to haunt you if they turn to the web to vent their frustrations.
In fact, the damage is done even if their complaints are not necessarily true.

Is this fair? No. But it doesn’t change the fact that other people can create your online reputation if you don’t gain control over it yourself.

But fixing, building, and maintaining a positive online image isn’t easy. It is time-consuming and takes a lot of skills and knowledge to get the job done.

As a small business owner, you probably have no idea where to turn to fix your damaged reputation. That’s where WE come in…

What We Do

With our expertise and skills, Topratedsearch can help you with a variety of reputation services – whether you need to clean it up or build one from scratch.

In addition to that, we will help you build brand awareness, ensure you are releasing positive content on a consistent basis, and generate more positive online reviews from your customers.

Whatever your current reputation, our online reputation management team can implement strategies to help strengthen your online image. As a result, you can expect a steady flow of new customers who may have otherwise moved on to one of your close competitors.

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Every day, customers use search engines, like Google, YouTube and Bing to solve a query or discover and evaluate businesses. In a split second, they decide if your business is trustworthy or if they should go with someone else. Chances are too that if someone has posted a defamatory comment or dissatisfied review that it will be noticed first and cloud the users’ judgement! The problem is that the Internet doesn’t always give an accurate story. Unfairly, negative reviews and opinions can clog up the search results. That’s where reputation management can help.
It helps you look your best online, no matter where a customer searches.

Just as your reputation in the real world is important, your company’s ONLINE reputation is equally – if not MORE – important to ensure your company remains trusted and respected by consumers.
If your business has a bad reputation online, your ability to generate new leads will grow STAGNANT. In fact, your online reputation could become a liability instead of the asset it needs to be.
There are many reasons companies quickly gain poor online reputations, including fake or inaccurate information, unhappy customers, lack of interaction with customers, and poor customer service.
However, regardless of the reason, your reputation should NOT be ignored.

But…. are you wondering how you will fit this into your already BUSY daily business operations?

It’s really not quite as bad as it sounds!

Reputation management can do the following:

Create a positive presence on all the major search engines
Watch closely as new information populates
Strategically increase the value and placement of your positive content
Aggressively move negative content out of the way and out of sight
Diversify your presence to maximize positive content
Keep online information fresh and up to date
Monitor your position and health against the competition

What Could Topratedsearch – Reputation Management Specialists in Stockton on Tees Do For My Business?

We Would;

Claim your spot – By creating a presence on all of the major web properties, you are taking the first step to proactively boost your brand.
Monitor any discussions – You can’t make changes until you understand what people are saying about you.
Move up the positive content – Using our proven techniques we make the positive content rise to the top.
Move negative content out of the way – We aggressively clear the table pushing the negative content to the bottom of the search results.
Diversify – Rinse and repeat the process until the search results reflect a proper image of your business
Keep it fresh – The internet is always changing, you need an advocate to make sure your reputation is always in good standing.
Measure your results – See how you are really doing, by regularly measuring your goal progress.
Synchronize your marketing – By utilizing reputation management your increase all aspects of marketing.

Believe me, when I say that it is NOT an overnight fix, this takes time but don’t despair. 95% of cases are repairable