Why Social Engagement is Important for SEO

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the most popular ways in which people search the Internet. Search engines rank the results by deciding which website, video, or image is most relevant to the user. Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is an important way in which you can take advantage of the algorithms used by these search engines to make sure your content comes out on top.

While most websites simply make sure that certain keywords relevant to their potential visitor are dotted across every page, it takes a lot more than constant keyword repetition to make a for an effective SEO plan. It also takes an efficient, dedicated social engagement strategy.

Why Social Engagement is Important for SEO

Search Engines Care a Lot About Visibility on Social Media

From the 1.39 billion active monthly Facebook users, to the 40 million registered users on Vimeo as well as everything beyond and in-between, social media is a huge potential pool of customers, even for the most specialized of websites.

Link building, or creating as many links as possible to your website, is no longer the most effective way to drive up search engine rankings.

These days many search engines would rather take into account the number of people Tweet-ing, Yelp-ing, and blogging about your business. Google, for example, is all about the value you bring to customers. So you can claim up and down that, yours is the best online store on the web, but if you do not have the numbers, the search engines do not care.

Search Engines Do not Like Spam

Many search engines are wary of spam. They are just as dedicated as you are to making sure that users get the information they are looking for, instead of just social media accounts with links to more links and click-bait. Search engines do not just care about visibility on social media, but about the authenticity of that visibility.

Social media users tweeting organically about your service are far more valuable to your search engine rankings than spamming your social media accounts with links back to your website. Search engines are a business too, and they want to make sure that the service they offer is effective.

Social Media Users Trust Each Other More Than They Trust Marketers

Imagine if a person you did not know, told you to use a service you had never heard of. Now imagine if your friend asked you to use the same service. That is the difference between you doing the marketing for your website, and social media doing the marketing for you.

Social media users exist in interconnected webs, whether online or in real life. Penetrating a social media circle does not just mean connecting with the two or three dozen people within that circle. It means connecting with friends, family, admirers, and even fans. Not only will putting your marketing in the hands of social media increase traffic to your website, but it will also improve your search engine rankings in one fell swoop.


Not only is social media a quick and easy way to produce more traffic, it is also a valuable, crowdsourcing SEO tool. Engaging with social media allows you to reach out to, get to know, and grow your audience online. In increasing your authenticity and visibility online, your business becomes an entity that both potential customers and search engines can trust.

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